Moving OnDemand to a monorepo

We are planning on transitioning to a monorepo in OnDemand 1.7, adding the core apps to an apps directory in the ondemand repo. In the near term the core apps will still be deployed to /var/www/ood/apps/sys/, so this won’t affect the resulting rpm. However, it may impact you if you

  1. build from source
  2. forked the OnDemand repos and have custom modifications

If you rely on a set of working directions to build from source, we’d recommend that you continue to build using v1.6.20 tag of the ondemand repo and then pull from the latest tagged release of various other core app repos. We will have updated build from source directions when we release 1.7.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change.

We currently deploy from RPM for the main OOD install and then deploy some custom apps via clones of the dedicated app repos that have been made available (matlab, jupyter, rstudio…). Because these can have site specific code, we have forked some of those dedicated repos to maintain branches for our own deploy. Does the integration of the core apps affect these “satellite” apps?

The apps planned on being merged for the time being are the Passenger apps (Active Jobs, Job Composer, Dashboard, Files, File Editor, Shell) and the one base interactive app plugin bc_desktop. We could hold off on bc_desktop if you have a fork of that as well.

We are using bc_desktop from the rpm and doing post install modifications via ansible. We don’t install via source for that one.