Non-english support in web interface


How does non-english speaking users get support in Open Ondemand. We had a Spanish language user who access our OnDemand instance and none of the menus worked (we would click them and the menus would not show - some errors appeared in debug console). Switching language to English in the browser (this case Firefox) the menus all worked from the front page. Also the menus didnt work in Safari.

Any advice appreciated.


Recreated on desktop and debugged it further - looks like issue in - e.g. following is the same issue

Hopefully can upgrade from 1.12 to 1.12.1+ will fix it.

Localization is something we do support, though I don’t know how much of the various languages have been supported at this point.

The documentation for setting this is here:

Thanks for that information. The problem seems to get triggered if user has OS/browser in foreign language but website is in English. Seems datatables has update to fix bug and pulling in latest ondemand may help if it pulls in newer datatables library. Will give it a try.

Latest release has no change. If datatables 1.12.1+ could be included in the release it would be great - maybe an early Christmas present :). Looks like in ondemand/yarn.lock at v2.0.29 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub its 1.12.0 which contains the bug.

Hi Tom.

I have created an internal ticket for us to do this work. At this time, I can’t guarantee when this will happen. However, we’ll shoot for NLT 1/31/2023.


No problem. We have workaround by switching browser to English language.

Look forward to next update.

Thanks for quite reply.


@gbyrket we have 2 issues in the GitHub for this, so where did this 3rd one get opened?

It’s only in Asana. I was going to bring it up during our Quarterly Planning.