Proxy error during downloading folders and files


I performed the download folders/Files from Open OnDemand version 3.0.3, during the download progress, concurrently, I carried out another action in same chrome browser, e.g. launch interacive app in the same browser. After that, the browser keep in loading and after a while, the proxy error pop out in a browser. Besides, I also discovered the proxy error logged in the Open OnDemand server error log.

For this, could you please help to check? Thanks


I was able to upload a very large file while launching a job with no proxy errors using 3.0.3.

Are you still having errors about the proxy or did they clear?


The problem still persists. Let me state it clearly as follows:

  1. I am performing a download of files/folders from the File Manager of Open OnDemand v3.0.3. The Chrome browser shows that the download is in progress, as shown below:

  2. Simultaneously, I launch the Interactive app on another tab in the same browser, as follows:

  3. The browser keeps loading indefinitely.

  4. After a while, the browser displays a proxy error.


I have tried these actions multiple times and consistently encountered the same error.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to resolve this problem? Thank you.


Do you have any idea for this error? Thanks

I am unable to reproduce the error so far.

I’m using 3.0.3 with Chrome as my browser. Uploading a 4GB file, I then use another tab during the upload to start up a Jupyter session which worked fine. I tried a few apps and each launched fine with the upload running still.

The best bet for your site is to check your logs and see what is happening:

There will likely be something in those logs for the next step to figure this out, but I’m not sure what that would be. Are you seeing any errors in the logs themselves?