Slow when using multiple path_selectors


I want to use multiple path_selectors on OOD 3.1.4.
For example, form.yml is as follows.

title: Test
  - workdir1
  - workdir2
    widget: "path_selector"
    widget: "path_selector"

There is no problem with the first path_selector, but the second path_selector is slow to operate.
I’ve tried Safari and Chrome on my M1 MacBookAir, and the same phenomenon occurs in both.

Specifically, the round circle that probably represents loading is spinning around all the time. It doesn’t stop working, but it’s very slow. And when I click on the links in “Favorites” on the left, it doesn’t respond.


Good morning, and thank you for bringing this to our attention! I was able to immediately reproduce this on Firefox on an M1 Mac and created an issue for it:

I will be investigating more today - if it takes longer than a few hours to investigate & fix, I will discuss priority with the Gateways team.

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