Interactive Apps [Sandbox] with Custom Navigation Bar in 3.0

Hello OpenOnDemand Community,

I have been testing an installation of OnDemand 3.0. Most recently I have been configuring a custom navigation bar. I noticed that setting any custom navigation bar makes the “Interactive Apps [Sandbox]” menu disappear from the Interactive Apps page. This happens whether or not the navigation bar includes the default “- interactive apps” or any custom links to individual apps. Is there a way to have the “Interactive Apps [Sandbox]” menu present while also configuring a custom navigation bar?


Steve Ford
Michigan State University

Hi and welcome!

Yea that’s a bug in 3.0.0. We’ll get that patched in 3.0.1. The best bet for now is to navigate to Develop -> My Sandbox Apps then launch your application. Also just editing the URL directly would work too (or bookmarks).

Hi Jeff! I’m glad to hear these apps are still accessible elsewhere. Is there a projected release date for 3.0.1?

Not really, but I’d say maybe by end of April-ish.