Xfce session, 31 days

Hey folks,
I have a user who started a desktop session (Xfce) and kept extending it over the last 3 weeks. He reached 31 days yesterday and was no longer able to connect because apparently there’s a folder cleanup that runs through. His session folder was deleted.

The session processes are still running on the compute node. Is there a way to restore the connection to the session somehow?


Wow - OK. The deletion of these session folders is configurable - I’d guess you want to extend it beyond the default 30 days.

Do you take backups of your HOME folder - maybe you can restore it through a backup?

Also - the id given in ~/ondemand/data/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/db is the same as the output folder. If the db file still exists - you may be able to recreate the path with the same UUID.

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the fast response. The db file does indeed still exist. We unfortunately don’t have current backups of the home filesystem.

[root@tempest-epyc001 db]# ll
total 7
-rw-------. 1 q75r136 msu-users 230 Sep 1 12:32 7eff815c-0de9-4e8f-bc19-49b9131f53cf

I can remake most of the stuff by hand but having the right connection.yml isn’t possible :confused:


Yea sorry I don’t really have a solution. Maybe you can help the user X11 forward through ssh? If they can still shell into the node, that may be viable.

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